Gasmet Technologies is a Finish high technology company, headquarter in Helsinki Finland, who develops and manufactures the Gasmet™ line of FTIR (Fouier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzers and monitoring systems. FTIR is the latest and advanced technology in the gas-sensing market, which ensures accurate and reproducible results. Gasmet Technologies has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.  Our goal is providing clients with innovative and customer-driven solutions for the demanding GHG/ Nitrogen gas fluxes measurement and emission flue gas monitoring.

Gasmet Technologies (Asia) Ltd is regional office of Gasmet Group in Asia Pacific to coordinates the marketing, sales activities and technical service of Gasmet products in Asia – Pacific region. Products and contact details can be found in www.gasmet.com. 

It is vital to establish an accurate inventory of GHG in the soil/ atmosphere/ ice/ water because of the threat of climate changes and extreme weather phenomena. So that governments can take immediate action for the mitigation and reduction. Gasmet models DX4040 and DX4015 are effectively employed to monitor the gases flux from different media.

Gasmet DX4040 and DX4015 (with heated sample cell) are truly portable, rugged FTIR analyzers for simultaneous and continuous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds (NOx, N2O, CH4, CO2, CO, SO2, NH3, HCl, HF and VOCs etc.). In addition, up to 50 different gases can be monitoring in real-time and allow unknown gases identification in the field.

The Gasmet DX4040 and DX4015 analyzers have been used successfully in many soil Chamber flux applications especially in North America and Asia Pacific

Advantages in a nutshell:

  1. Simultaneous multicomponent analysis
  2. FTIR measures ALL significant GHGs
  3. Calcmet software gives the whole sample spectra
  4. Rapid sampling and continuous live readings
  5. Precise results in demanding field conditions
  6. Low weight, battery powered
  7. Ability to QUANTIFY knowns and IDENTIFY unknowns
  8. Cross-interferences automatically compensated
  9. Non-destructive analysis
  10. Only daily zero calibration needed
  11. Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 compounds


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